Clear Horizons 2017 project.

When asked for his definition of happiness, Alfred Hitchcock replied the following:“A clear horizon, nothing to worry about on your plate. Only things that are creative and not destructive." I remember watching the video of this interview and it really chimed with me.

I was interested in finding places in London where we can find a balance to the busy and densely urban lives we live in the city and to create a series of prints based on that. I am a complete urbanite and love the city but being from the countryside, I have always found a high value in the green spaces, without which I might struggle. Coming from a motion graphics background, I tend to think in sequences, so I came up with the idea of creating one Clear Horizon print per month (A clear but often distant view of the city) based on a timeline and a roughly circular route with the Shard always present in the print as a loosely central point. I spent a lot of time on the internet (google earth was very useful) and on foot researching the route and the views that I wanted to depict. I wrote to various places that could help, such as the Lancaster Gate Hotel (who agreed to swap a finished print for a morning taking photographic reference from one of their suits), and an exclusive Chelsea Tower Block and an almost completed tower block in the Nine Elms Development, who gave me access at the correct times of day.

I enjoy and find comfort in the seasonal rhythms of nature and have explored that a little in this series with the domestic and migratory birds. I love the parallels with the city below.

The following map shows the locations of the prints that have been created so far, which is 10. The last two will be put onto the map when they are finished.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.37.58.png