Migration of the Carmargue Flamingos

Framed £325 Unframed £225

6 Colour Screen Print, hand finished.

91cm x 61cm on Somerset Velvet Newsprint and Somerset Velvet White.

Pictured, the print onto Somerset Velvet Newsprint. 

Pictured, the print onto Somerset Velvet Newsprint. 

A lot of my prints focus on wild birds that choose to make London their home. Living in London with all the constraints on travel and lifestyle, I enjoy seeing wild birds come and go. They represent to me a feeling of freedom.

In this print, I wanted to reflect on some positive emotions about freedom of movement. The Carmargue Flamingos seasonally migrate to warmer regions during the winter. They also migrate due to scarcity of food, water level changes and competition. They often travel in flocks over great distances, mostly at night and are generally non territorial.

Originally created for the "New Home" Exhibition at the Art Pavilion, Mile End. Thinking about the awful displacement crisis facing many people moving across a very similar route to the Migration route of the Carmargue Flamingos. In this variable edition, a couple of the prints have an extra layer printed, that showed the headlines from around the summer of 2015. The headlines were chosen from a number of sources and tried to pick up on the many angles that were being talked about at the time - and while all that is going on, these majestic birds peacefully make their own migration.